Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2002
Melanie Rae Thon

The River Woman’s Son    A Short Story

“Das zweite Gesicht des Mondes” -  eine Buchbesprechung

Research/Teaching  Interests: Fiction Writing

Forthcoming Publication: Sweet Hearts, a novel, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, January 2001

Recent Publications:
First, Body, stories, Boston: Houghton Mifflin (1997). Reprinted  in paperback by Owl Books, Henry Holt & Company (1998). Published  in translation by Rowohlt in Germany (1999).

Iona Moon, a novel, New York: Poseidon/Simon & Schuster (1993). Published by  Viking books in London (1993); reprinted by Plume in New York (1994) and  Penguin Books in London (1994). Published in translation by Seuil in France  (1998); Rowohlt in Germany (1999); and Feltrinelli in Italy (1999).

Girls in the Grass, stories, New York: Random House (1991). Reprinted by Faber & Faber  in Boston (1992), Penguin Books in London (1991), and Henry Holt &  Company in New York (1998).

Meteors in August, a novel, New York: Random House (1990). Published by Viking Books in London  (1991); reprinted by Faber & Faber in Boston (1992), and Penguin Books  in London (1992). Published in translation by Otava in Helsinki, Finland  (1990); and Rowohlt in Germany (1999).

"Catechism,"  excerpt from Sweet Hearts,Bomb, fall 2000: 87-89.

"The Long Way  Home," excerpt from Sweet Hearts, Ontario Review, fall/winter  2000-2001: 111-121.

"In My Father's  House" and "Ghost Brother," excerpts from Sweet Hearts,  Five Points, summer 2000: 35-37 and 38-45.

"Little White  Sister," story, reprinted in Breaking Into Print: Early Stories  and Insights into Getting Published, edited by DeWitt Henry (Boston:  Beacon, 2000) 145-162.

"The Bear Who  Could Not Sleep," story, Story, winter 2000: 64-65.

"Letter to a  Young Fiction Writer" (essay). Included in Letters to a Fiction  Writer. Ed. Frederick Busch, New York: Norton, (1999): 226-230.

Five Point's Paul Bowles Prize for Fiction, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.
Guest Artist,  California State University, Fresno, California, July 2000.
Writer in Residence,  Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont, August 2000.
Distinguished Visiting Writer,
University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, September  2000.